An effective public relations strategy is an essential component of business success. When expertly planned and executed, a public relations strategy has the power to lift your brand to greater heights, fueling business growth and success.


Our public relations division is committed to being a valued partner by implementing communication strategies to increase the visibility of your product or services, elevating brand reputation, and driving bottom line results. Our team of experienced professionals will develop a customized program to reach your key target audiences – including current and potential customers, business partners, investors, your industry, and other audiences. Through a variety of techniques, our public relations team will ensure that your key messages reach the right audiences in the most effective ways possible.

What you can expect from us?

  • A team of experienced professionals focused on your brand’s growth and success.
  • A strategic communications program designed to deliver immediate short-term results, as well as tactics for long-term results.
  • A program that’s measureable, so you will see the high rate of return on your investment with us.

Our success is your success, and our goal is to develop a true partnership that’s designed for long-term, impactful outcomes.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Full spectrum of media relations support, including online, print, and broadcast media
  • Digital and social media engagement, monitoring and management
  • Stakeholder relations
  • Crisis planning and management
  • Product launches
  • Speaking engagements

Every brand has unique communications objectives, and our public relations program will reflect your specific needs. No cookie-cutter approaches here – your brand deserves much more. And you will see our commitment to your success via the tangible, measureable results we deliver.

What Clients Say

  • "We started with a seven state campaign, and are now on a national level spending less than 25% of what we initially anticipated when we first opted to go national.

    If you are fortunate enough to have SEOP as your representative, you will find someone who cares about your business and its success as much as you do. A lot of people claim to be the best, but if you are talking to these guys, you are indeed with the very best."

    - Janet Glasscock
  • "SEOP has provided us with useful suggestions and had given us a comprehensive PPC activity reports based on conversions, clicks, regions and campaigns that we have on our multi-lingual language websites.

    Overall, it has been a pleasure working with SEOP and we're confident that with their help, we will get the results we are looking for!"

    - Alberta Tai
  • "I need to be on page one on search engines because competition is so fierce.

    This year we received 85 vehicle donations as a result of the internet, which translated to nearly $12,000 net revenue that was given to charities nationwide."

    - Jacquie Elliott Center for Car Donations
  • "Listen to what they say because they are the pros and are definitely good at it!! They know what's best for your business and the outcome will definitely show!"

    "SEOP has done an outstanding job with our SEOP for our website. Their staff is very prompt and professional in all aspects-giving us suggestions that will work and letting us know what does not work. About 40% of our patients come from Internet searching and this is all thanks to the great work at SEOP!! Thanks!!"

    - Dr. Thomas T. Nguyen Founder, ICRS
  • "The right direction for the company... this was the key to “righting the ship."....Good results we have experienced while working with you... results we would like to see... years of good service. "

    - Andreas Krebs of All Covered
  • "Diligent, good communication, partner...

    SEOP listens to me and are working hard to keep my business at the top of the searches."

    - Angela Harrell Hike Bike Kayak Sports, Inc.
  • "SEO experts, proactive, technically advanced, results driven, attentive to customer needs...

    Considering we worked with a former SEO company and researched countless additional companies before choosing SEOP, I can say that I found SEOP to be the best out there in terms of expertise, customer service, customer satisfaction, and experience."

    - Brooke Wewers STORIS Management Systems
  • "I highly recommend SEOP!

    We have enjoyed our working relationship with SEOP and plan to continue for years to come. We appreciate the prompt and professional customer service as well as the expertise."

    - Liliya Zherebnenko Marketing Director, Free Conferencing Corporation of America
  • "...I personally enjoyed the relationship between the two companies, especially you as an account manager, and thank you for helping guide TVG to the point where it is today."

    - Zack Gideon


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