The Client

Established in 1969, Aztec Containers is Southern California’s leading rental and sales company, specializing in large high-quality 14-guage steel stationary containers, portable containers, and temporary offices.

The Challenge

Aztec Container came to SEOP seeking higher rankings for their targeted keyword phrases. They wanted to increase their authority and visibility with search engines, and become recognized as the worldwide leader in the container industry. They wanted to see an increase in qualified traffic to their site, and thereby increase the number of page impressions. This was expected to lead to a higher percentage of conversions and therefore, greater profits. The site needed to be properly themed and optimized for shipping container related keywords, and content to support said keywords was also required.

The Plan

At the inception of the campaign, Aztec Container’s key indicator keyword phrases were at an average ranking of 12th, which is outside of Google’s front page results. Today, the average position of those same keywords is 5.5, indicating a substantial success with getting key phrases into key positions.

Currently, has front page rankings in Google for over 50 keyword phrases. This represents over a half million searches a month for the targeted keyword phrases, where the website comes up in the top 10 results- the front page- of Google. Similar positioning through PPC click buys would cost The Client between $240 and $410 per daybetween $7200 and $12,300 a month.

In addition, Aztec Container enjoys front page rankings for very competitive keyword phrases for 32 keyword phrases in Yahoo! and 44 phrases in Bing.

The Result

Properly redirect the site to the canonical domain so that both www and non www versions of the site are seen as one by the spiders, increasing authority.

Updated key documents such as the robots file and xml sitemap to be properly formatted for ease of use, allowing the machines to crawl the site more quickly and index pages more effectively.

Produced original, keyword-laden and SEO optimized on site content to differentiate pages, as all of the pages were effectively the same or 90% similar, at the beginning of the campaign.

Produced original, keyword-laden and SEO optimized off site content to better represent the company on the Internet and procure quality, authoritative, relevant back links.

Installed a blog to the site to continue to expand the amount of relevant content- also produced keyword-rich and SEO optimized content for said blog

Differentiated metadata on a per-page basis to maximize the number of keywords targeted.

Site-wide image optimization for SEO purposes.

Submission to multiple authoritative directories leading to increased visibility to the site, and increased authority due to highly targeted relevant back links.

Installed a custom 404 error page to keep visitors on the site in case of a mistyped URL.

Cleaned up code to remove comments and white space, externalized JavaScript and performed other code optimization to allow for maximum crawl speed and subsequent spider authority.

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