The Challenge

The client contacted SEOP after the current service provider lacked the SEM strategy that the client desired. The client is a hair care company based in Los Angeles, CA. The company needed a provider to help grow new business while creating a brand awareness in new markets. as their previous provider was unable to create an out-of-the-box approach that had the campaign stagnated.

Upon meeting with the client and the discussion topics were based to the historical benchmarks as well as the short term/long term goals then SEOP went to work on the strategy that would include brand growth as we all maintaining current customer base while breaching new market share that the client needed for growth.

The action plan consisted of brand protection as well as brand management with the involvement of high-level agency representatives with all major engines trademark violators were immediately notified that no longer would certain terms be available on search. New creative initiatives help launched a remarketing campaign ahead of timelines to remarket specific messages to non-buyer and creating continuation sells through sophisticated retargeting methods to current members. The action plan also consisted of leveraging existing media assets to be utilized in rich media networks. The search hand was lacking due to the current cart solution so a new cart solution was adapted that attract new members involved in other hair loss related programs.

The Results

The result of the swift execution of brand trademark violators in conjunction of new media assets leverage s  in the rich media and re-targeting arenas increased brand sales  70% within 45 days and the new client acquisition campaign back by sophisticated software and competitive analysis increased new client acquisitions 220% upon launch.  The client’s goals for overall growth were increased 300% of full strategy saturation.

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