The Shoe Mart

The Challenge

For over 45 years, Shoe Mart has been a family-owned and operated business dedicated to customer satisfaction and personalized service. sells the largest selection of the most popular shoe brands in the world for men, women, and kids. At this store, buyers can find shoes of the highest quality. There is a vast selection available, with over 30,000 pairs of shoes ranging from size 5 to 20, and widths going up to EEEEEE. This makes it easy for the site’s full-service professional staff to give you that perfect fit. Orders can be placed online or by phone at (800) 850-7463.

The Shoe Mart approached SEOP for assistance in increasing their organic rankings for major brand name shoes. One of the main issues with the site was an abundance of long dynamic URLs for all their main brand pages, which were not search engine friendly. They also had only minimal rankings for shoe brand keywords and no organic presence for gender-specific shoe keywords. In order to improve on these, an in-depth URL rewrite strategy and strong SEO campaign were crucial.

SEOP strategized a URL rewrite formula and theme to help the site grow organic rankings beyond just the brand names. The strategy was to create a foundation for them to be able to rank highly for all major shoe keywords for men, women, kids, brands, and styles.

The Results

SEOP was able to improve organic rankings on major shoe brands within the 1st month of completing the URL rewrites and implementing the SEO strategy.

After only a couple of months, SEOP was also able to make significant gains on very competitive gender-specific keywords.

Thus far, this has resulted in a 46% increase in organic traffic.

38% increase in page views.

42% decrease in their bounce rate.

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