Konica Minolta

The Challenge

The client contacted SEOP after acquiring a long-standing client of SEOP, All Covered. All Covered was a nationally IT Services provider that was acquired by Konica Minolta in 2011 and was a long-standing client of SEOP. Konica Minolta reviewed our performance records and acquired SEOP to facilitate the growth of their Copier and Large Format Printing divisions.

Konica Minolta had great brand awareness but lacked the non-branded market share exposure needed to grow their perspective divisions. An extensive client needs analysis had shown that there has been limited dedication by existing service provider s from a strategy standpoint. The research had shown that the web property lacked the proper call to action and user flow as well as a poorly conceived paid search strategy.

The action plan included various website adjustments from a design perspective by leveraging the Konica Minolta brand and improving the user experience with a more simplistic approach to creating higher consultation requests and increases to other actionable items. The paid search strategy expanded into new markets by introducing new networks in conjunction with a vastly expanded core search campaign and the incorporation of new display strategies.

The Results

The results of the combined new strategies resulted in visitor’s engagement session times dramatically increased from site times to pages viewed. The website changes in conjunction with new search strategies culminate d in the reduction of the average cost per conversion by 23% and increased consultation requests by 35%.

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