Monitoring Your Online Campaigns Using Google Analytics’ Conversions Reports

Image by Tiffa Day


Google Analytics’ Real-Time dashboard has recently added a new feature to enhance each site owners’ control over their online campaigns: this is its new Conversions reports, which went live a couple of days ago.

Aptly named Conversions, this new feature shows real-time activity for all Goal URLs set in the Analytics account. This means that whether you want your online visitors to land on the purchase/order confirmation page, your “Contact us” page, or your email newsletter registration page, you can easily track these conversion goals live and without effort.

The Conversions report displays a list of the most recent goals you’ve set up, sorted by the number of conversions in descending order. It will show the goal number, and the name of the goal. Clicking on these goals will allow you to get a more detailed view each. From there, you can determine how effective your site’s content, linking, and overall quality have been in getting visitors to the important end-points in your site.

According to Google, only URL-based goals will be accepted for now with this first launch. This is subject to change in the future as Google may have plans to include computed goals such as Time on Site or Pages / Visit.

To begin benefitting from this nifty new feature to further improve your conversion funnels, here’s how to start setting up your Goals:


  1. Head to the Admin area of your Google Analytics account
  2. Select your desired profile
  3. Click the +Goal link under the Goals tab
  4. Name your Goal
  5. Choose the Goal Type (URL destination, visit duration, page/visit, or event)
  6. Add details (URL, match type, case sensitivity, et al.) to the goal you want to track
  7. Determine whether or not you want to use Goal Funnels


To learn more about setting up goals, check out Google’s tutorial here.



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