Yahoo expands mobile reach with new apps

Yahoo Apps on the Google Android OS

In its bid to expand its reach across different platforms, Yahoo has unveiled several mobile apps for devices running Google‘s Android mobile operating system. This the search engine giant recently announced along with a refresh of their Yahoo Mail and Yahoo News mobile sites which have been polished to support the latest HTML5 technology for use on Apple‘s iOS 4.

On the Android platform, Yahoo released two communication apps for their Mail and Messenger properties as well as a Search widget.

Both Mail and Messenger apps feature push notification and continuous functionalities even when in the background. With the apps’ integration with the OS, you can even send e-mail messages to contacts in the phone’s native phonebook and even upload photos as attachments directly from the built-in cam or photo gallery.

“Yahoo! keeps more than 600 million consumers around the world connected to the people and things that matter to them most – wherever and whenever they want,” said David Ko, senior vice president, Americas, Audience, Mobile, and Local for Yahoo.

The Search Widget, meanwhile, provides a Yahoo Search box right on the homescreen. Its search efficiency and convenience is even furthered by features like voice search for easier input, Search Assist for search term suggestions and an auto-locate technology for locally relevant results.

While this beefs up Yahoo’s presence on the mobile platform, marketers, on the other hand, can also leverage on the Yahoo Mail app as it offers itself up as an advertising platform. This will certainly help you and your brand if you’ve included mobile in your SEO campaign-a great stratagem most top brass SEO companies (such as our own are utilizing.

And it’s a pretty ingenious decision you ought to make since a majority of users stay online and do much of their Web activities on-the-go. This provides an expanded opportunity to engage with a potential demographic on the mobile platform.


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