Using social buttons to boost site traffic and boost content marketing

July 13, 2012 by SEOP Blog Team

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Including social media marketing tactics to your SEO campaigns can definitely help boost a Web site’s traffic and significantly improve your reach online. Because of this, more and more Web sites are getting social, mapping out strategies that will enable them to regularly engage with their target audience across the social networks on a regular basis.

The important thing you’ll need to do here is to bridge the gap between your Web site or blog, and your profiles and pages on the social networks. You can put up links and get people (and traffic) coursing around these Web assets. Or you can install social buttons instead.

Social buttons not only link your social profiles and your Web sites into a seamless ecosystem where your followers and customers can experience your brand, they also expand social capabilities to your sites. Social buttons enable you to–

  • Cross-post your content to the social Web, making it more visible for the search engines, and easier for people within and beyond your community
  • Can enhances your linking strategies
  • Get your followers to easily share your content to their own contacts online without having to leave your domain, helping you reach untapped markets
  • Create multiple engagement opportunities, helping develop your site’s reputation and solidifying trust among your demographic

Choosing the right social buttons as an Internet marketing component can be crucial. Of course you’ll also need to properly align any strategies to match and accommodate them. To help you get started, here are four of today’s biggest social networks, and the social buttons they’ve developed.

As today’s leading social network, Facebook’s social graph is massively expansive, reaching pretty much the entire Web. They have several social buttons; each one has a specific function. For instance, the Like Button lets site visitors share your content on their own Facebook profiles for all their friends to see, while the Send Button lets them share only to specific people. The Subscribe Button, on the other hand, let’s them subscribe to other users from within your blog.

Like Facebook, another social media giant, Twitter, also has a few social buttons. Aside from the basic Link Sharing button, you can also directly follow users, #hashtags, and @mentions with just a click of a button.

Google Plus
On Google’s side of the social spectrum, the Internet giant has developed its own array of social buttons to help support users of its social media site. Among them, the most popular is the +1 Button which acts like a recommendation engine that lets your users share your content on Google Plus and on Google Search. Google Badge, on the other hand, allows your site visitors to users to follow others.

If your Web site also heavily utilizes videos for your content marketing strategies and you host them on YouTube, then you should also consider implementing their Subscribe Button to your blog. It lets your site visitors subscribe to your YouTube channel, and comes with a handful of designs and colors you can choose from to match your site’s design.


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