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June 25, 2010 by SEOP Blog Team

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Twitpic has picked up a photo geotagging functionality, leveraging on Twitter‘s own location based feature Twitter Places launched a few days back. Just as the microblogging service has embedded into participating Twitter users’ tweets, this new functionality will insert a specific location to any photo uploaded on the Twitter-centered photo sharing service.

“For a long time, we have wanted to be able to put a location with a photo.  It adds meaning, and it is also a great tool for businesses to stay on top of things.” said Twitpic founder Noah Everett on the site’s official blog and then supplemented with a tweet.

Most smartphones and digital cameras nowadays have the capability to store coordinates where a photo was taken. This information would then be siphoned into the Twitpic, as you can see from the screenshot below, to specify the exact location to tag.

Click on each for a closer look
twitpic1 Twitpic Does Location twitpic wlocation Twitpic Does Location

However, if the digicam or phone used fails to yield any geographic data or if the exact location isn’t listed on the Twitter Places directory, you can instead specify address. For this, Twitpic will show you a pane with Google Maps integration so you can manually pinpoint the location.

twitpic wolocation Twitpic Does Location

Now with the ability to tell fully crafted stories behind the photos and beyond the character limits, your brand can use Twitpic to supplement any marketing campaign.

Geotagging, in addition to the face tagging functionality rolled out earlier this month, beefs up Twitpic’s arsenal of features and makes it a very compelling service indeed. From our standpoint, this is a trajectory that will heavily benefit the photo sharing site in that it can choose to evolve into something like iCoolHunt (for sharing and ranking photos of pop culture trends) or even grow some bulk to rival Google Places. These would sound unrealistic at the moment but neither is it an impossibility given Twitpic’s own traction from being Everett’s solo pet project into a globally recognized service.

These new functionalities make a fully rounded feature set and enhance user experience for both individual users and, as Everett mentioned, businesses. This ideally would allow you to engage with your existing clients and your target audience on multiple levels and even centralize your brand’s focus on your specific locale if you have a physical storefront.

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