Tips for using social media for your content marketing strategies

August 10, 2012 by SEOP Blog Team

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Content marketing is essentially the continuous process of creating compelling pieces meant to be shared with your targeted demographic online. Initially, it can enable brands to deliver their message, provide valuable information, and entertain their followers. All these can ultimately help drive significant traffic to the site, establish and build up its credibility and reputation online, and create a genuine relationship with the target audience.

Obviously, the best way to share your content online is by taking advantage of the highly interactive social Web. With its real-time capabilities and the growing culture around it, companies can develop different ways to create truly immersive content marketing strategies for their followers. Here are a handful of content marketing tips to make the most out of social media.


Produce and Optimize Content for Readers and Search Engines

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When writing content for SEO, it’s important to always consider your targeted audience. While it’s only natural to create content that is inherently interesting and will positively resonate with our targeted human readers, it’s also important to appeal to search engines that will crawl and rank our sites.

This sounds simple enough but the problem for some writers lies in finding the right balance. Some end up prioritizing SEO, with their pieces ending up becoming mere repositories for keywords and anchor text for various linking strategies. Substandard content can really hurt your reputation and rankings online. The best thing you can do is write the best piece you can and then find ways to organically use those keywords and anchor texts without sacrificing content value, context or your own writing styles.

As SEOMoz’ Rand Fishkin once said, “SEO, when done right, should never interfere with great writing.”


Create Social Profiles and Optimize Them

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Given the way the Internet is evolving, fusing SEO and social has proven to be a great approach to raise a site’s online authority and rankings. Because of this, it’s crucial for Web sites to expand their presence by creating profiles across the social networks.

  • Find the Right Social Media Site for You
    Obviously it’ll be best to create profiles on the popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, but in some cases, you’ll also need to find other niche online networks that can best serve your purposes.For instance, if your site is selling physical goods online, perhaps you can include Pinterest or Tumblr to showcase your products to specific potential online shoppers, or even integrate Foursquare if you also have an actual storefront.
  • Optimize Your Social Pages
    Once you’re done selecting the social media sites for your brand, it’s best to optimize them. This greatly helps in integrating those profiles into your brand’s online ecosystem by providing a consistent user experience for your followers. Customize the page by providing details about your brand—from bio and contact details to background and user images. More importantly, you should also provide links to your own Web site and to your other social profiles.


Invest in Multimedia Content Creation

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Images and videos can add another dimension to your content, providing a visual component that can help better deliver your message, drive home a point or even just to balance a Web page’s layout. When properly optimized, images and videos can also rank highly on search engine results pages. You can also use these pieces of multimedia content to directly share on the social networks through links shared on Facebook and Google Plus, or on image sharing portals like Pinterest, Flickr or even DeviantArt.

When sharing content on the social networks, sites usually prominently feature the images embedded with your content, serving as anchors that can attract people’s attention and prompt them to click on your link to view your content on-site, or to go directly to your Web page.


Use an Editorial Calendar
The best way site owners and SEO practitioners can manage their content marketing strategies is by creating an editorial calendar. With it, you can plan your content ahead of time, making it easier for you to schedule posts, and keep track of what you’ve already written. It can also serve as a reference for finding other possible angles to explore for new content without having to miss out on your set posting schedules.

For best results, create your editorial calendar during story conferences—meetings where other writers can brainstorm and pitch new topics, and team heads can help refine and approve potentially good ones. Every topic can be scheduled and marked for specific days, allowing ample time for other components like videos, animated footages and photos to be produced. Topic sequences should be strategically mapped to diversify content. Additionally, it’ll also be best if you make the schedule flexible enough to allow late-breaking content and guest blog posts to seep in without breaking any set patterns.


Make Your Content Shareable
The initial goal of content marketing is to share your content with your followers on your site or blog, and through your social media profiles. The best way to do this is to actually design your content to be appealing enough to motivate your followers to share it with their own followers, and to make it easy for them to do so.

  • Create Content with a Viral Appeal
    There are no sure-win formulas to make a piece of content successfully viral, but there are common qualities of successful viral content share that you should take note of. Explore these components to find which one works for your site and your audience.
  • Make It Easy to Share Your Content
    There are two ways to enable people to easily share your content online:

    • Embed social buttons on your site. This lets your visitors share your content on their social feeds without leaving your Web site.
    • Post Content Directly on Your Social Profiles. For instance, posting your video on YouTube can reach more people off-site, including those who don’t actively follow you, and those who aren’t familiar with your site or brand. Your video’s reach grows even further when you cross-post them to your other profiles and when people Like, retweet, and reblog them.


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    Content not just leads to the sales of your products and services but also builds up the credibility and reputation of the organization you are working for.

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