Tips for boosting site traffic through social media

June 22, 2012 by SEOP Blog Team

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These days, SEO means so much more than simply optimizing your on-site components to get your Web site to rank highly on the search engines. Because of the way the Internet has evolved into the more dynamic and interactive social Web, brands have since put significant focus on online interactions and building genuine relationships with their followers. And true enough, fusing SEO and social media components can definitely generate a winning formula for any brand online—a formula that can kick campaigns into high gear and drive brands to succeed.

Here, the most important thing to remember is to treat social media as an organic extension of your SEO campaigns, instead of auxiliary sets of resources and assets. This is something Internet marketing optimization companies know all too well, and so they map out strategies with social media already seamlessly incorporated into it. This way, they can easily formulate comprehensive online marketing plans without worrying about having to squeeze in social integrations later on. But for those only beginning to get the SEO-social media groove, here are a few pointers to help boost your site traffic using social media.

Establish Your Social Presence
First things first, if you brand has yet to establish your presence on the social media sites, now’s a great time as any to get onboard. And once you’ve created your social profiles, be sure to leverage on their features to help raise your brand’s reputation and thrive online.

  • Choose the right social networks carefully. One social media site may work great with some brands online, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be as effective with your brand. Find the ones that will suit your strategies and goals.
  • Fully optimize your social profiles for better brand development. Put up links to you Web site, write your own bio, and dress up your profile page with any image associated with your company like your company logo, and official photos.
  • Learning the social networks’ features will help you maximize their capabilities for your own advantage. You’ll also need to understand what their limitations are in order to anticipate any hitches before they strike.


Quality Blogging Within and Beyond Your Domain
Launching and maintaining a blog keeps your site fresh and relevant among the search engines, helping you become more discoverable online. Aside from helping spread your word online, a blog also offers a boatload of engagement opportunities between you and your followers, and can even help you tap into markets you have yet to successfully reach.

  • Make sure that every write-up you publish on your public is compelling. That means that your posts should be interesting to read, and educational. Do your best to produce content that is worth your reader’s time and would motivate them to share with their followers.
  • Focus on your writing quality. Bad writing structures and both typographical and grammatical errors can definitely turn your readers off and negatively affect your reputation.
  • Don’t forget your SEO content writing basics.
  • Keep a posting schedule and stick to it. You keep your readers entertained and well-informed, and they will be coming back for more. Miss out on deadlines and you can watch your site traffic dwindle.
  • While you build your own blog, consider contributing content to other Web sites. Guest blogging enables you to establish your brand’s identity and reputation online, and reach out to untapped audiences.


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