Three types of content you should never produce

May 18, 2012 by SEOP Blog Team

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When creating content to strengthen our SEO campaigns, we all need to identify the reasons why we’re even slaving away in front of a word processor. Focusing on our goals can help us find a clear shot to drive our brands’ content marketing strategies forward. Whether the content is meant to inform people about your new products, offer tips, or just to entertain them with fascinating facts, we all need to find that sweet spot that’ll provide value while building our brand’s online reputation. The following, however, are a few kinds that you should avoid making.

  • The Keyword Fodder
    Content writers focusing too much on SEO tend to forcefully emblazon their pieces with keywords to game the search engines. The resulting content piece will have an alarming keyword density, and is usually hard to read, with most sentences coming out jibberish. Hilariously enough, this raises the red flag on Google’s Web spam filters and can get the site entirely taken out of the search index.
  • The Unedited and the Unproofed
    Needless to say, it’s important to edit and proofread every written piece of content you produce before they make it to the blog. Grammatical errors and confusing sentence structures can easily turn readers off, and prompt them to head off to some other Web site in your niche. This can affect your brand’s name online and cause you the trust you’ve established with your followers.
  • The “Believe Me, I’m Not Selling You Anything.”
    Some pieces of content are purposely written to market the brand’s products and services. Unfortunately, almost all of pieces crafted for this purpose lack value, and instead come off looking sales like pitches pretending to be Web content. People can sniff these from a mile away, and because they don’t really appreciate being sold to, they’ll unsurprisingly keep their distance.


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