SEO Content Writing Tip: Create personas for better content marketing

June 1, 2012 by SEOP Blog Team

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We’ve often talked about the importance of writing content that is interesting and compelling for our targeted readers. This, of course, is one of the best SEO copywriting and content optimization practices writers keep to heart. It effectively helps them wield the written word into powerful tools to boost brand and industry awareness, increase engagement opportunities with the demographic, and the raise their Web sites rankings online.

However, “compelling” is such a relative term not all of them will agree with your opinions, find your content interesting, or find you relatable. Every individual that makes up your so-called demographic subscribes to different ideals and principles, possess various experiences and quirks, and have unique things that irk and motivate them.

The challenge for content writers here: produce content that all these individuals will appreciate and find compelling. Here, developing personas can definitely help guide you to the right direction.

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Personas are fabricated personalities brands develop to help them better market their products and services. Every persona represents different kinds of people that may make up segments of their customers, making it easier for companies to outline their goals, design their products, and decide on pricing. These personas are also instrumental in making sounds decisions with regard to sales, advertising and marketing strategies.

In the case of Web sites, brand managers use personas to develop Web sites by considering what user interface components, design the site’s layout, and other interactive on-site elements. Content marketing, on the other hand, can significantly be benefited by using personas to help define their strategies, and identify specific details that can greatly affect how people may respond.

When creating personas for your content writing strategies, it is crucial to actually have an understanding of who your brand or site is generally targeting. For instance, a Web site that sells comic book and graphic novels would naturally consider collectors and hobbyists as part of their potential client base. From here, these are further broken down based on gender, age, spending abilities, and preferred genres.

For best results, it’s common for brands to actually give these personas human identities, bring them to life, so to speak. They assign every persona names, attach personalities, specific traits, interests, and even assign stock photos to represent them.


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