SEO and Social Media: Finding the right social media sites

May 14, 2012 by SEOP Blog Team

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Social media has become an organic and integral part of search engine marketing. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus are indeed very attractive to sites looking to expand their reach and elevate their rankings online. Because of this, many companies are investing their time and resources on the social Web, harnessing their features and capabilities to reach out to their massive amounts of users worldwide. However, for those who have yet to do any of these, choosing the right platform will be integral, and could mean a lot for your successes online.

Sure, Facebook and Twitter are the go-to platforms for most brands, but there are a plethora of other sites out there you can use too. These two are mostly for general purposes and aren’t really developed for specific niches in mind, but you’re going to have to analyze other ones. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the social media site for your SEO success.

Identify Your Goals and Needs
Determine what your goals are. Are you simply aiming to spread your content (or links to your content)? Do you intend to double your engagements with your existing and potential customers? Are you developing your brand’s reputation online? In addition to this, you’ll also need to identify what tools or capabilities you will need to achieve those goals. Once you’ve accomplished these, you will have a list of requirements your social media site should have, which should be able to guide you in your search.

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Who will you be serving with your social media profiles?

Understand the Demographic
Obviously, choosing a social networking site that caters to your targeted demographic is the right way to go in order to actually reach out to the right people. This can help drive traffic to your site, and refine the quality of your linking, and follower engagement strategies.

However, you may still need to have a breakdown of the site’s demographic. And by knowing the age range, gender ratio, and geographic location of the people regularly using the social network, you’ll be able to proactively map out effective SEO and social media plans that would better resonate within your community.

Follow Your Industry or Niche
Before you jump aboard any social network, it’s important to understand nature of every site—what industries or niche they cater to. Obviously, you’ll stand to have more positive results by sticking to the sites that are actually made for your industry. In a manner of speaking, it’s indeed easier to engage and build lasting relationships with people who actually share the same interests. Graphic artists, for instance, would find a lot of opportunities to build their portfolio, develop their professional contact lists, and find work on graphic design social networks like DeviantArt, DesignerID, or Artician.

Learn the Features and Capabilities
In order to effectively put your social media-based SEO strategies into place, you’ll need to learn the features and capabilities of each social network. Aside from being a factor for your selection, knowing what the sites are capable of can help streamline processes, and even offer opportunities for other strategies you can implement. The common features you’ll need to look out for include the follow:

  • Integration with other social media services. This allows you to log-in using universal credentials, cross-post across social networks, and manage your accounts using third party tools.
  • Has off-site utilities and tool. Google Plus has a badge, Pinterest has a Pin button, and a lot of others use Like buttons. Being able to append its social buttons onto your site will be useful.
  • Profile customization. The social profile is an important place for you to use your keywords so other users can easily find you. Customize it to show your followers who you are and what you offer.



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