Qualities of a kick-ass blogger

June 20, 2012 by SEOP Blog Team

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Content writers and bloggers come in all shapes and sizes, come from different backgrounds, industries and age groups, and driven by diverse motivations and interests. Sure, we’re all tasked to rely on our skills to effectively accomplish our search engine marketing tasks, but blogging can be a specific muscle not everyone uses. Sure anyone can start a blog, inject page after page of content into it and get some fair amount of site visitors in. But truly effective bloggers can deliver value within every post, and elevate the blog’s online presence, and the brand’s authority within the niche. Today, we list some of the good qualities of a kick-ass blogger—qualities we all should all learn, refine and keep to heart.

  • Creative.
    Writing for a blog doesn’t just involve simply stringing words together so you can have sentences to slather on-page. Blogging involves doses upon doses of creativity to help you effectively deliver your message to your readers. Needless to say, this will enable you to come up with engaging topics and compelling posts fashioned in writing styles your readers will find easy to consume, as well as find (or create) photos and videos to supplement your every piece.
  • Curious.
    Learning never ends, especially in the age of the social Web where there will always be new things to explore to help improve the way we write and maintain our blogs. And in order to do this, we bloggers should always keep our eyes peeled for trending topics to cover, and events or subjects to talk about, unexplored SEO and content marketing strategies, and new resource materials to help enrich our work and our reader’s experience.
  • Passionate.
    As SEO practitioners, it’s common to find ourselves facing one challenge after another as we go about our blogging duties. If you’re not passionate about your brand, writing, and product, all it takes is one disappointing and demoralizing hitch to get you to quit. Drive is important in blogging. It’s what motivates you to keep on writing and sharing your knowledge with your followers despite the ensuing hurdles which can be extra challenging especially given how most of us are tasked to write posts on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Social.
    Because social media plays a dynamic role in content marketing, it’s important for bloggers to make use of the social Web and its capabilities to share their posts online to best reach their demographic. Engagements are crucial for brands online as it enables you to establish and refine your brand’s identity and reputation, and build a lasting relationship with your followers.



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