Is Your Business Ready for Mobile This Coming Holiday Season?

October 20, 2014 by SEOP Blog Team

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It won’t be long before the holidays arrive. As more shoppers are expected to go online this coming season, you have to make sure your eCommerce website is ready to dominate search engine results and capture potential customers. Not only should you do this for desktop users, however. Mobile shopping will surely be at an all time high during the holiday season, making it a critical part of your SEO strategy.

Conducting an SEO Audit: Making Sure Your Local Homepage is in Tip-top Shape

October 13, 2014 by SEOP Blog Team

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Aside from being an essential means of keeping track of your local homepage’s performance online, regular SEO audits ensure that your site effectively evolves with the search engines’ ever-changing algorithms. Even if you’re not fully familiar with SEO and would much rather leave a more thorough audit to professionals, you can still check and observe your homepage’s performance by keeping tabs on a few items.

Increase Website Visibility with Schema Markup

October 6, 2014 by SEOP Blog Team

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Schema markup is one of the latest developments in SEO these days, and it’s probably going to be around for a long time. Although under-utilized, this new form of optimization is one of the most powerful ways to boost your website’s visibility on the search engine result pages (SERPs).

How to Incorporate SEO in Visual Marketing

September 29, 2014 by SEOP Blog Team

How to Incorporate SEO in Visual Marketing

In the world of social media, images and videos no longer serve as mere accessories to written content. Today, about a billion photos are uploaded and shared with little or no accompanying text. This poses a new challenge for SEO, which has long relied on the written word. With visual content dominating the digital landscape, marketers must change the way they practice SEO in order to leverage the power of images while still incorporating keywords to improve online brand presence.

Get Quality Backlinks with Blogger Product Reviews

September 22, 2014 by SEOP Blog Team

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In a previous post, we said that reviews play a significant role in helping local businesses boost online presence. Reviews also serve another purpose: helping you build quality backlinks. If you have any products to sell, you can have bloggers in your niche create a review about what you have to offer so that your brand, as well as your website, gets mentioned on their blogs or channel pages.