Link Building Tips for Local SEO

April 13, 2015 by SEOP Blog Team

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Thanks to the growing number of mobile users accessing the Internet with local intent, opportunities abound for businesses aiming to gain a better foothold in more localized markets. To reach local audiences, however, a few things must be accomplished first: The more obvious ones include making localized web pages and getting the business listed in top local directories. A less obvious one is local link building, which, when done properly, can help boost rankings and increase visibility in localized searches.

An SEO Dummy’s Guide to Improved Search Rankings

April 6, 2015 by SEOP Blog Team

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Not everyone completely understands SEO, and that’s fine. Many website owners are understandably more interested in performing critical tasks relevant to their business; and while most would want increased site traffic and conversions, the specifics of how to achieve them is often a mystery. For SEO dummies or website owners who are indifferent to the concept, here are easy-to-understand, palatable strategies for improving your search rankings.

301 Redirect Best Practices for SEO

March 30, 2015 by SEOP Blog Team

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Just like how it is when moving homes, moving your site to a new domain can prove to be quite stressful. And it’s not only because of all the preparation needed to make the migration smooth and fast; from an SEO perspective, the move could also mean having to build your rankings from scratch. This is where 301 redirects come in handy. More than a tool for fixing navigation issues and preventing duplicate content, 301 redirects can help you preserve your website’s SEO value even as you transfer to a new domain.

Ready for Google’s Mobile-Friendliness Update? Some Tips to Prepare

March 23, 2015 by SEOP Blog Team

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Still haven’t started with your mobile SEO? Don’t delay. Google has long been telling webmasters to start adapting to the mobile world, but it’s only now that a definite deadline exists: By April 21, mobile-friendliness will become a ranking signal.

SEO for Startups: How to Do it Right

March 16, 2015 by SEOP Blog Team

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Many startups continue to undervalue the influence of Google. It’s not just a cool tech company anymore; it’s now part of the global economic landscape. While many marketers are caught in the hype of social media, the fact is that online searches are what drives majority of purchases. They fail to realize that demand is created in social media, but captured via SEO and their website.