Optimizing images for SEO

September 16, 2010 by SEOP Blog Team

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Aside from your articles or copy, it’s also important to deck your site with relevant images. They can help encourage people to read past the lead and maybe even share your site to their friends. The lack of it could bring “tl;dr syndrome” (“too long; didn’t read”) where at first glance, the long stretches of text can be discouraging to finish. Images help layout a page and provide a break for the eyes.

More importantly though, embedding images allow brands and site developers many opportunities to figure highly on search engine results pages (SERPs).

This is especially evident with Google’s Universal Search feature, which places related images and videos on the third or fourth notch of its every SERP. Of course this prime SERP location ensures your site’s discoverability, so there should be no reason why you wouldn’t want to optimize the images on your site.

Here are a few SEO tips to help you flesh out each of your image contents for search engines.


Image Usage
For blogs, make sure you use images on every blog post so you can, of course, optimize individual pages and their corresponding URLs. You can go and include other images that can enhance the points you are making within your posts or at least use one as a header to attract your readers and for aesthetics. For this, you can also add diagrams, relevant company logos, animated GIFs and even Flash-powered animation and videos—provided that you apply SEO components to them.

Also, read our previous posts on some sites where you can find images and how you can use them legally in your site.


Image-Text Context
Finding the relevant images to accompany your written content is the first step here. Make sure that the image you find relates to the overall message you’re delivering in your content, otherwise, you could be misrepresenting the article, mislead your visitors and they could be dissatisfied with your site or your brand.

Make sure that the text that wraps around your images is keyword-rich; or you can simply add captions underneath. This makes your images more relevant from an SEO standpoint and will prompt spiders to associate one with the other, resulting in more chances of appearing highly on blended SERPs for your chosen keywords.


Descriptive Filenames
Whether you’re creating your own images using software like Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw, or you’re uploading purchased photos from stock photo services, always be mindful of their filenames. Most of the time, the generated filenames are something like stockphoto42resolution.jpg or Untitled-1.gif which tells search engine spiders practically nothing about the file. To add context to your graphic files, simply change the default filenames with brief, but descriptive words, including your targeted keyword/s, and use hyphens as separators. For instance: seo-services.jpg.


The Alt Tags
Another way for you to add context to an image is by making sure you fill out the ALT tags within. Sure this sounds like Image SEO 101, but many Web site designers still forego and overlook the ALT tag’s uses. If one of your images fails to appear, the contents of the ALT tag are automatically positioned in its place, to let both search engine robots and your human readers know what is supposedly there. Like filenames, use descriptive phrases and inject keywords into the tag; something like alt=”SEO painter”. Things to avoid though: writing extremely lengthy phrases, squeezing obscenely copious keywords, and copying and pasting entire sentences.

In addition, if you are planning to use any of your images as links, use phrases and keywords in the ALT tag that are relevant to the page you’re linking.



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    If we use proper ALT tag and build some back-links to the image can we make that image ranked on the Google top ranking?

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