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July 28, 2010 by SEOP Blog Team

guestbloggingresources Online services to find guest bloggers

We’ve always talked about enriching the value of your blog posts and maintaining a consistent schedule for publishing online as ways to help boost the search engine optimization efforts for your site on the content side. While tweaking your writing style, inserting various writing elements and leveraging on keywords are proven techniques for increasing your blog’s value, regularly publishing posts can really be a challenge.

In a previous post, we suggested having guest bloggers aboard to make sure you won’t miss on a scheduled post and we’ve also followed it up with a few things to consider when choosing competent guest blogger/s. Today we share with you two online resources you can rely on to help you locate and initiate contact with potential wordsmiths for your for your blog: Blogger LinkUp and My Blog Guest.

Blogger LinkUp
After signing up with the service, Blogger LinkUp will deliver the list of potential blogger right to your inbox. It’ll send you e-mails once or twice a day containing a good list of bloggers and Web masters offering their writing services. From there, you can submit a request possibly with a tad bit of your blog’s credentials and what qualities you’re looking for in a blogger. Once your request has been forwarded to the list, people can respond or you yourself can find and contact those who can best fulfill your guest blogging needs. Similarly, it’ll also have listings for other sites and PR representatives looking for guest bloggers-a nice addition should you also decide to make byline cameos in other blogs as part of your online campaign, link sharing or for driving traffic to your own blog.

My Guest Blog
Like Blogger LinkUp, My Guest Blog offers a platform where freelance writers and bloggers and those in need of content providers meet, except that offers an expansive feature list and members can actually engage in conversations and develop meaningful relationships with other members. Upfront, you get a pretty hefty forum; and as with the nature of forums, finding what you need is very easy as topics are organized by threads. Naturally, members of the site can post requests for writing gigs and leave their contact details and you can respond or contact them directly as soon as you read them. It’s essentially free but with a fee you can also track and manage all your leveraged guest bloggers and their posts and they can post directly to your site’s CMS.

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  10. Brian Bordenkircher May 2, 2011 @ 6:00 pm

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  15. Kredittkort August 19, 2011 @ 9:31 pm

    Well, it’s looking like these two are the big ones. I’m gonna start an own for Norway, since we have our own langauge :)

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