Offline SEO tactics to boost your site traffic

October 13, 2011 by SEOP Blog Team

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Whether on-page or off-site, search engine optimization strategies are, in essence, put into motion to make Web sites more visible. So you have your usual online methods like linking practices, keyword tactics, content optimization processes, and various social media marketing campaigns producing more SEO juice. While these online methods are powerful enough for driving people into your Web site, you can also hatch a handful of offline campaign strategies that can surely create buzz for your brand and get more people into a site. These strategies fall under what is called offline SEO.

As we’ve mentioned in a previous blog post, offline SEO, is still a great way to get people to flock to your site. But while online marketing can surely afford you great opportunities for an optimal exposure, the traditional media marketing platforms are still relevant, and very much effective when done properly. Here are a handful of offline SEO tactics you can implement to get more people into your Web site.

Invigorate Your Business Cards
In this day and age, having the URL of your Web site on your business cards are customary. But if you haven’t done this yet, now is a good time as any to let your contacts know where you and your business are located online. Include your social media profiles as well and maybe a line that says something like “add us on…” to invite them in.

And while you’re at it, it’ll be best if you also make use of some cool designs, instead of those blinding white, nondescript templates of the past. Visually attractive business cards are memorable and can elicit curiosity from the recipient, prompting them to visit your site and look at what you have to offer. Or better yet, why not go digital (and a tad bit more environment friendly) by using digital business cards?

Hold or Sponsor Events, and Network
Sure, holding events of your own is more marketing than SEO if you think about it, but events can you give you opportunities to do some actual networking, gain your demographic’s trust, and get them onboard your site and the services you offer.

Engaging with people online can sometimes create some depersonalization because people won’t really hear you speak, take note of the tone of your voice, and see your smile, respond or your facial expressions. Meeting them in the real world gives your brand a (hopefully) smiling face to embody. This can set the tone for how they may view your site (great for reputation management later on), and persuade them to visit and support your site.

Traditional Advertisements: Still Relevant
Good ole eyeballs-driven, traditional advertisements are still good for SEO. While they won’t directly improve your rankings per se, they can increase awareness around your site. The usual media tripod made up of TV, radio and print will be your platforms here, which gives you pretty much a lot of leg room for your creativity and whatever other strategies you may also want to unveil.

The most important thing here is to highlight your URL in your every ad. Again, being visually attractive and producing compelling content play big roles here. Other great factors here: location and timing which has a lot to do with where you place your ads, and when are they most visible. If you have the resources, you can perhaps sponsor a segment or a popular program on radio or TV, put up billboards strategically placed around populous parts of the city and maybe even print out flyers offering your services. For TV and print, you can even include QR codes to enhance your ads and give people direct access to your site.

Delve Into Guerilla Marketing
Guerilla marketing campaigns often create a great amount of buzz for a brand and its Web site. Whether positively accepted or ensuing in abject failure, it is these unconventional marketing stunts (among other things) that online news sites and blogs thrive in, resulting in lots of coverage, and potentially a host of links to a site’s URL.

However, it would obviously be better to work hard for positive results for the benefit of your brand and your products’ reputation. Because you have practically just your resources and imaginations (and morality, most likely) to limit you in this endeavor, always make sure that whatever guerilla marketing stunt you intend to pull off, always opt for the ones that are conventional, not illegal, won’t and be detrimental your your brand or site’s reputation. This means no more flash mobs (you can only do so much surprise gyrating in public before every other brand starts doing it too), nothing that may lead to destruction of city or private properties, and nothing too controversial.

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    Offline SEO is a good technique for the improving the business growth and make traffic. It is great platform for an optimal exposure and increasing the marketing value of a site. Thanks for sharing the nice blog post!

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