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July 8, 2010 by SEOP Blog Team

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Keeping a schedule for publishing content on your blog and sticking to it fulfills a promise of trust you can establish with your readers. It keeps your audience coming back for more of your informative content and potentially attracts new readers into your fold. This easily equates to brand loyalty and, of course, a boost in site traffic.

And while you can manage the daily crunch of coming up with topics to write about, there are, unfortunately, times when you won’t be able to get onboard the blogging hull. Vacations, out-of-town work-related trips and other unforeseeable events can prevent you from hitting that publish button on your blog’s CMS. Perhaps it’s about time you try inviting guest bloggers on board.

Guest blogging allows you to keep your blogging schedule despite setbacks and even get an extra help going over your blogging duties. In either case, it’s a win-win situation as it offers a lot of benefits for you and your chosen guest blogger.

For You. Obviously, despite the time impediments you may be facing, the blog will still continue producing contents even without you on board. It enriches your blog’s content while giving your readers a different perspective on both new and previously covered topics and maybe a handful of related or non sequitur information you may not have explored before.

For the Guest Blogger. Perhaps one of the biggest benefits your designated outsourced blogger of the moment is mounted on his exposure. By publishing a post on your site with their own byline, they are introduced and exposed to a new audience who can add them to their own list of blogs they follow. Naturally, guest bloggers have the option to either cross-post their written work on their own blog or just mention it and provide a link to yours. Either way, they can draw traffic for themselves, making the published content a two-way site traffic engine.

The Readers. As mentioned, readers are benefited with a consistent stream of content. From their standpoint, their reading habits are uninterrupted and they are even offered with a different treatment with writing styles and perspectives that can be polar opposite of your own.

Guest blogging is not an entirely new concept and its benefits are recognized by many sites today. Web sites like TechCrunch and Mashable, among many others, have their own slew of guest bloggers while even Google‘s network of blogs feature a guest post every now and then to present different takes on various theme-based subjects.

Let’s think of it in music industry terms. If a singer enlists another musician (like a rapper perhaps) for a new song, each of them can bring something new to the table. Each of their own signature sounds can appeal to a wider array of listeners which doubles their exposure and double the sales if they include the track to both their respective albums. It’s a win-win set up.

This is a part of a series of posts about writing content specifically for blogs. We’ll present you with a few blogging essentials, updates and maybe a technical trick or two to enrich your blog. Stay tuned to SEOP.com for more. Or better yet, sound off on the comments below and subscribe to our RSS feed or daily mail for notifications of new posts.

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