Infographic: The Black Hat Monsters of SEO

July 11, 2012 by SEOP Blog Team

BlackHatSEOMonsters Banner Infographic: The Black Hat Monsters of SEO

While the rest of the SEO community is meticulously planning various strategies, and using all the helpful tools to get their Web sites ranking highly, there are some individuals who prefer to hoodwink the search engines to get good results fast. Their tactics may seem easier at the onset as they can sometimes get the job done without having to invest much of their time and effort developing an organic approach to reach their SEO goals. For them, going against any set SEO rules, and crashing in on other sites’ honest search engine marketing efforts has become a normal procedure. They ultimately reject any known sense of Web ethics, and substitute it with their own Black Hat SEO means.

However, search engines are not sitting still. Google, for instance, has been continuously refining its Web spam policies, and even updated its search algorithms earlier this year to rid their indices of Black Hat activities. Perpetrators found taking part in these damaging negative SEO activities get de-indexed, and the search engine spiders will no longer crawl them.

And while the fear of being de-indexed may have reformed many of these Black Hat SEO practitioners, there are still others who are hell-bent on to find ways to get around search policies through other means like negative SEO.

A recent infographic by UK-based firm SmugGecko puts a spotlight on some of the most common Black Hat tactics that have plagued the Web (whereas their previous post, White Hat components focused on what make SEO practices work and succeed).

From content and comment spammers to unethical hackers and malicious linkers, the infographic aims to show the dark side of SEO.
BlackHatSEOMonsters Infographic: The Black Hat Monsters of SEO


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  1. Andy July 11, 2012 @ 5:21 am

    Well said! Google has done us a big favour by altering and applying these new algorythm updates leaving more work for those who really do know the industry and work within ethical guidelines.

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