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March 17, 2011 by SEOP Blog Team

googlemobile banner Google updates Search app for the iPhone

Google has announced the latest updates on its mobile search app for Apple’s iOS-helmed iPhone and iPod touch devices. This, the search engine giant shared via software engineer Alastair Tse and product manager Robert Hamilton over at the Google Mobile blog.

googlemobileapp homescreen Google updates Search app for the iPhone
The Google Mobile app homescreen

According to the blog post, the newly refreshed app, redubbed from its rather generic sounding “Google Mobile App” nomen to “Google Search app,” now carries a handful of updates, new features and a more intuitive user interface.

At the forefront, you’ll find the redesigned app homescreen. The new interface allows for more ways you can interact with the app, with a search text field and an Apps button at the bottom for quick access to Google’s other mobile apps.

After conducting a search, the results are presented with a vertical toolbar on the left side of the screen which carries different search filters to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. This narrows down the search by Images, News, Shopping, Videos, and Updates for real-time social media posts, among others. Also included in the filters is Places to provide mobile users access to Google Places service, offering plethora of establishments and areas of interest within your immediate vicinity.

This bar can be accessed either before you even type in your search query, or once the search results are presented to you by swiping your finger onscreen from left to right. This nifty new addition is akin to the filters found on the desktop search results pages, which can similarly be easily leveraged by search engine optimization enthusiasts for their sites’ mobile search efforts.

In addition to these, Google dev also tweaked some of the app’s features, including Google Googles, Voice Search, Search with my Location, and Gmail unread counts among many others. Should you decide to go back to your searches after leaving the app, Google dev also made it easier to pick up where you left off.

googlemobileapp blendedserp Google updates Search app for the iPhone
The new toolbar contains a list of search filters to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.
googlemobileapp serpfiltered Google updates Search app for the iPhone
Filter for Images aggregates all the images from your search results.

“If you leave the app and come back later, you’ll be able either to start a new search right away (just tap in the search box to type, hit the microphone button to do a voice search or tap on the camera icon to use Google Goggles) or get back to exactly where you were by tapping on the lower part of the page.” according to the blog post.

The Google Search mobile app is a free download for the iPhone and the iPod touch, and is now available on the iTunes App Store. Google has yet to confirm versions for Android and the Blackberry OS though if Google-developed mobile apps in the past are any indication, we should expect this latest version to come to the other platforms within the next few months.

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Popularity: 13% [?]

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