Empowering your SEO campaigns with crowdsourcing

July 4, 2012 by SEOP Blog Team

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Crowdsourcing is perhaps one of the most proactive and beneficial creative models brands are leveraging on for their SEO and social media campaigns. With the help of the skills and enthusiasm of the most involved communities online, companies are able to successfully establish their presence, and drive their campaigns to succeed in an otherwise challenging platform that is the social Web.

For the SEO practitioner, crowdsourcing offers many advantages that can help effectively launch campaigns across the Web, and enable them to reach their online marketing goals. These include the following–

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Access to Talent from All Over
From Web developers, and linkers to copywriters and video content producers, crowdsourcing lets you tap talented people from across the Web to help your campaigns move forward. Aside from their availability, you can be sure to have a larger pool of talented individuals so you can find the right people with the right attitude, background, and skill sets for any job. This is especially great for small companies with limited resources and those intending to look for people to hire.

Creates Engagement Opportunities
In the age of the social Web, establishing a site and building your credibility as a brand entails multitudes of interaction with your existing and targeted demographic. And as your site progresses, you’ll need to find ways to keep the interactions going and turn your site visitors into actively involved followers. Implementing crowdsourcing into your content marketing, for instance, creates lots of engagement opportunities between you and your site visitors. Consider SomethingAwful’s Photoshop Phriday and Cracked’s Photoplasty; both pages are dedicated to crowdsourced content that are getting countless comments and shares over social networks where fans get into discussions over the submitted content.

Cost Efficient Implementations
Crowdsourcing can also help you get the job done even with a measly budget. For instance, you’re launching a new campaign and it’s one that really appeals to them, you can tap your followers’ help with content marketing, and linking. In droves, they can generate a good amount of backlinks and impressions through reviews, blog posts, and mentions on the social networks. If they actually do like your brand and what you’re putting out there, they’d be happy to actually do much of the SEO-related grunt work; otherwise you’re still going to have to delegate a sum on incentives.

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