Content marketing mistakes you should avoid

April 28, 2012 by SEOP Blog Team

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Content marketing is perhaps one of the most important components of an SEO strategy because it can bring many benefits and opportunities to a brand and its Web site. From boosting search ranking and increasing site traffic, to raising reputation online and establishing genuine customer relationships, brands can surely rely on producing and sharing valuable content within and beyond the targeted demographic.

However, you can’t just start shoving content down your Web site or blog, it has to be done properly and guided by a pre-defined strategy. Along the way, you’ll encounter a handful of mistakes you may or may not even be aware of. Here are some of them.

  • No Content Marketing Strategy
    You can keep on writing and publishing content online, but without a definite content marketing plan, you may have a harder time to have your content take off and resonate positively online. So have a meeting with your content writers and producers, as well as people from linking social media marketing and other related teams to come up with a solid plan.
  • Quantity vs Quality
    Content needs to be supplied with important information the readers will deem valuable, but make a really short one and the search engines may not notice you; write a long piece and your readers may find it a challenge to read. Find the sweet spot that balances content value and length of the content. That said, providing all the juicy details in one go may not exactly by a good idea. Give the content some room to breathe, grow, and get organically shared online.
  • Not Optimizing the Content
    Being able to research and produce blog posts shouldn’t be the end of a content writer’s task; they should also be able to optimize their content for better searchability online. The use of competitive keywords will be crucial here, to make sure that search engines will index your content and shave them appear on the SERPs for relevant search terms. This means applying those relevant keywords on the body, title, meta tags, and around any photo or other multimedia components within the page.
  • Disregarding Grammar and Spelling
    A good command of Spelling and grammar is a quality a content producer or any writer should have. Disregarding them can lower the value of the content, distracting for the readers from the actual message, and can even negatively affect the brand’s reputation.  As such, having the content edited and proofread several times before publishing them on the Web site will prove to be important even if they can sometimes be time consuming.
  • Forgetting Reader Engagements
    Sure you’ve create a piece brimming with valuable information, but if no one can relate to it, it’ll have a hard time attracting quality readers into your Web site’s fold. The content topic needs to actually be related to the Web site’s main theme or industry. An online seller of consumer electronics can write about the latest summer fashion trends, and they might attract a lot of attention from the fashion community, but that’s not really their demographic. They’ll have a harder time selling to that crowd, as opposed to the people they might’ve pulled in had they written about the best and latest summer gadgets.

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