Comments as an SEO Strategy: The challenges to anticipate

July 25, 2012 by SEOP Blog Team

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As part of their SEO strategies, many sites are engaging with their visitors and followers on the social Web. And aside from expanding to the social networks through the regular interactions and content marketing, one of the most common ways companies can engage with their targeted demographic is by solidifying a relationship with other brands online via the comment sections on their Web sites and blogs.

Engaging with other blogs, Web sites and the people that visit them has proven to be quite a valuable move indeed. While many are engaging in this solely for boosting their backlinking tactics, SEO practitioners will find that commenting on other sites is more effective as a very organic means to kickstart their social media campaigns. This will allow you to not only create and grow your follower base, but also gain more insights into your leads and effective create targeted marketing campaigns.

As easy as it sounds, commenting on other Web sites can be a bit of a challenge. However, it’s not a challenge you can’t easily resolve.


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Finding the right sites to comment on
Stick to high quality sites within your industry and start engaging with them and the people who frequent them. And by “high quality sites” we mean sites that produce valuable content, have well laid-out, user-friendly interfaces, have a healthy focus on on-site engagements, and are ranking highly on the search engines. They’re more likely to directly interact with you, and can even link to your site during conversations or actual posts.


Getting a backlink to one of your site’s pages
After finding a high quality Web site to engage with, you’ll naturally want to insert a link on your comment which you can easily do. While a lot of Web sites will let you do this, some have disabled their commenters from sneaking in a link on their comments. Here, your best (and only) chance of putting up a backlink is through the Web site text field. And this may require devising some linking strategies like using links to other pages on your site instead of the landing page’s, and making sure that the content on your link is relevant to the page you’re commenting on.

Nota bene: As mentioned, commenting on other site’s comment sections have become a customary linking strategy. However, you shouldn’t bank on it passing on some precious link juice your way. This is because a majority of sites automatically insert a nofollow value on every link posted on their comment sections. Instead, aim to be a part of organic discussions on-site.


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Getting approved
For security reasons, a lot of companies have disabled their Web sites from automatically approving comments. It may be time-consuming to manually review and approve every comment posted, but it’s great for preventing spam from overrunning their sites. It can also pose as a challenge as your comments may be identified as spam, but not if you follow these:

  • Sign up
    Some sites will require you to sign up for a membership in order to comment on their content. This informs them that you are an actual person and not some scheming spambot. Signing up for accounts on Disqus and Gravatar, or logging into Facebook (for sites that use Facebook’s Comments Plugin) can help as well.
  • Use a Legitimate Name
    One way site owners can separate genuine comments from those bombarded by the Black Hats is by looking at the commenter’s name. So instead of using your brand’s name or the keywords you’re targeting, perhaps you can use your own.  
  • Watch Out For Grammatical and Typographical Errors
    Spam on the comments section commonly comes wrapped with grammatical errors and typos. Also, if your comments do get approved, errors like these can get you and your brand’s reputation to tank a bit so make sure to quickly proof your comments before hitting the Submit button.


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