Chrome and Firefox Add-ons for SEOs

March 11, 2010 by SEOP Blog Team

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We pretty much live and thrive online with our daily Web route encapsulated within the four corners of our chosen browser and their set of features and functionalities. However, these browsers are, by no means, perfect. While they serve their basic purpose of deciphering a Web site’s phalanx of codes, commands and action scripts into human-friendly site user interfaces, they’re not particularly designed to be our personal SEO-geared lackeys.

For this and other function specific capabilities, we have add-ons or browser extensions. And so, to be able to maximize the features of two of today’s most popular browsers—the open-source community’s headliner, Mozilla Firefox, and the fast-rising star, Google Chrome—we’ve listed some of the most handy add-ons to prop up your browsing. Though Chrome isn’t exactly the SEO’s weapon of choice as of the moment, Google’s brainchild is slowly picking up momentum with its much talked about speed and steadily growing lineup of add-ons.

All you need to do is download and install these useful tools to help you in your marketing research and further your SEO strategy.

SEO for Firefox
An essential plug-in for online marketers, SEO for Firefox is perhaps one of the most powerful SEO tools you’d find for the browser. Designed to make the tasks of evaluating a market’s value and competitive nature, it pulls data from a variety of sources like Yahoo, Google, Alexa, Tehnorati and Bloglines for marketing information, statistics and Web rankings among others. It even leverages for URL bookmarking stats, for a site’s index age and it even has a WhoIs feature for pulling up sites’ whois details.

SEOQuake gathers real-time information across various search engines to analyze many important SEO parameters of a Web site. It displays Google PageRank, Alexa stats, indices from Yahoo, Google and Bing, among other essential particulars, highlights nofollow links, text density and even lets you check and compare URLs. As with many Web tools, it is constantly updated with the version 2.5.10 downloadable for Firefox to keep it up-to-date with the latest browser and search engine enhancements; while its Chrome counterpart is currently in Beta.

Rank Checker
As its name suggests, Rank Checker lets you check in on how your Web site is ranking among search engines. These, along with the site’s keywords, are presented in a straightforward report which lets you easily analyze the site’s popularity growth and perhaps learn more about the existing general algorithm trends and adapt accordingly.

Niche Watch
We know how valuable keywords and, by extension, niche keywords are to their targeted Web sites. With Niche Watch for Firefox, you can monitor their popularity and even know who your competitors are for your niche keywords. This add-on also provides you with the stats regarding backlinks, indexed pages, the number of times a keyword is repeated on each page and the various general rankings for both the domain and the Web site. Knowing these can surely help you improve your site’s search engine placement by making keyword enhancements.

Firebug is actually a Web development tool which easily integrates with Firefox and supplements other SEO add-ons. As such, it allows you, through a separate window or via an unobtrusive bar at the bottom of the browser, to view and analyze the elements of a page, modify the HTML or CSS contents in real-time or debug, profile and execute JavaScript right off the bat. All these help optimize your site for search engines. Moreover, a similarly full featured variant for Chrome, Chromebug, is also downloadable.

Chrome SEO
Since opening its API for third party developers, Chrome has, unsurprisingly, seen a barrage of extensions coming through its door. One of those most useful add-ons has to be Chrome SEO, which aggregates and reports information crucial for SEOs including keyword search, backlink checks, page ranks, bookmark counts and WhoIs details among others from various sources online such as Digg, StumbleUpon and in addition to the customary integration with Yahoo, Google and Bing.

For quick views of page ranks for noting and analysis, Chrome’s iPageRank add-on does the job and then some. While it runs the usual course of displaying your site’s ranking in the search engine results page and as reported by sites like Alexa, it also includes a handful of niceties like an approximate calculation of the additional page rank your site will receive when a dofollow link is added. It also reports on the number of links, follow links and follow internal/external links there are on a page and presents the information via traffic graphs.

Content sharing is one of the benefits of social networks and Ibrii for Chrome lets you do just that with any type of content—whether it’s simple text, a photo, a video or even an embedded object like streaming multimedia files. This functionality ups the ante from the standard link sharing you’d normally find within the social streams. You can even create a mashup of different content types on a single palette for sharing with your contacts through Facebook, Twitter and Google Buzz or, by using a personalized permalink, any sharing channel online.

Popularity: 25% [?]

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Popularity: 25% [?]


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