How Page Loading Speed Affects Search Engine Rankings

SEOP Blog Team @ April 24, 2013 # No Comment Yet

Page loading time is a significant factor in any user’s experience with your website. Many times, website owners let it slide in order to accommodate better design, content, or functionality. However, most visitors tend to care about speed more than all the bells and whistles you want included in your website. Loading time is a major factor that contributes to page abandonment, and most Internet users have no patience to wait for a page that’s loading too slowly.

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Yahoo unveils Axis, ups search experience

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For years, a whole lot of us have crossed over and become loyal users of Chrome and its array of features, and good user experience. This week, Yahoo joins Google in the browser arena with Yahoo Axis, a product the company promises will be a game changer as it offers a completely new way to…

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Ways to find images for your blog
(and none of them are called Flickr)

SEOP Blog Team @ August 4, 2010 # 2 Comments

The use of images on Web sites and blogs varies and they logically range from visually illustrating the point the accompanying text is delivering, to simply balancing a page’s layout to make the text easy for reader consumption. A Web site with nothing but text is completely unheard of; that even those static pages of…

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Yahoo expands mobile reach with new apps

SEOP Blog Team @ July 7, 2010 # 4 Comments

In its bid to expand its reach across different platforms, Yahoo has unveiled several mobile apps for devices running Google‘s Android mobile operating system. This the search engine giant recently announced along with a refresh of their Yahoo Mail and Yahoo News mobile sites which have been polished to support the latest HTML5 technology for…

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Yahoo to launch style guide for Web content

SEOP Blog Team @ June 29, 2010 # No Comment Yet

Yahoo is publishing a style guide for written content online with the aptly titled “The Yahoo! Style Guide: The Ultimate Sourcebook for Writing, Editing, and Creating Content for the Digital World.” The book is the search engine company’s attempt at offering a comprehensive manual for online writers and content developers the same way the Associated…

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