Common Mobile Website Mistakes You Should Avoid to Keep Ranking in the Green

SEOP Blog Team @ August 26, 2013 # No Comment Yet

Mobile site owners shouldn’t stop at making sure their pages load fast on smartphones. They should also do more to provide a good user experience to prevent their site from being seen as “misconfigured” and suffer a decrease in ranking.

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Taking Action against the Naughty: Protecting your Site against Negative SEO

SEOP Blog Team @ December 24, 2012 # One Comment

Although most people prefer to use SEO in a positive manner, there are some who choose to use it in an underhanded way to downgrade their competition. If in case bad links are in a place where it’s impossible to take them down, there are ways of keeping them from affecting the way your site ranks.

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Google launches Google Beat

SEOP Blog Team @ August 31, 2010 # No Comment Yet

Late last week, Google launched its latest jump into the content creation space with Google Beat, a YouTube-based video blog that showcases the top search terms of the week. Hosted by Google PR staff Anne Espiritu, the Web series will highlight the latest search activities and trending queries on Google Search US and the stories…

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Producing video content: Before you hit Record

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While keywords, organic links and other practices SEO companies leverage on bring in search engines to make your site easily discoverable within their results pages, it is the inherent value of the content that keeps human readers coming back for more. This means that the content has to be appealing to the audience, compelling enough…

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Producing video content: A primer

SEOP Blog Team @ August 2, 2010 # One Comment

Providing videos is a good way of breathing new life into your site or blog and engaging with your audience on a different platform. It’s a viable approach to content production as it makes your posts valuable, serve as a way to repurpose content, bring more followers into your fold and beef up SEO efforts….

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