An Answer to Everything: How Direct Answers May Shape SEO

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Many are well aware of the impact mobile has on the evolution of search, but perhaps what most may not be aware of is how voice search is quietly shaping the playing field. Voice search encourages users to run queries in the form of questions—even implied questions—either in voice or text. In response to this growing behavior, Google has been putting greater emphasis on “direct answers” to satisfy such queries.

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3 Myths and Misconceptions About Duplicate Content

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  It doesn’t take a fifth-grader with a Geography paper due on Friday to realize that you can easily take a few paragraphs off of and pass it off as your own. But if teachers have access to software that lets them easily check their students’ work for plagiarism, you can bet that Google…

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Implementing Theme-Based SEO

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With theme-based SEO, you can use semantic relationships between words to rank for a broader range of ‘exact match’ search results without having to force the issue.

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Digital Marketing Agency SEOP® Buys Domain Name

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Purchase Confirms Company’s Status as One of Top 3 SEO Firms Worldwide, Better Reflects Breadth of World-Class Talent, the global leader in sophisticated digital marketing and SEO, has purchased the URL for a six-figure sum. By acquiring the flagship domain of the industry, SEOP has not only affirmed its status as one of the Top 3…

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Optimizing for Bing in 2014

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While Google continues to be the alpha dog of search, search engine underdog Bing continues to offer an alternative that seems to be picking up new adherents. As the default search engine for Windows devices, which includes Xbox and Windows phone, Bing is expected to gain user increase as these devices increase their market share after the holiday season.

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