Four Ways to Effectively Tap into Twitter’s SEO Potential

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Now that Google and other search engines are indexing tweets, Twitter pages and individual tweets are both appearing in search engine results pages (SERPs). Hence, it’s important for brands, companies, or businesses to optimize their Twitter presence to supplement SEO activities.

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Tips to improve engagements on Twitter for better SEO

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Instead of merely tweeting to your followers, sites will need to map out their Twitter strategies to fully take advantage of the service’s capabilities. Here are a few tips on how you can improve your Twitter engagements.

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Benefits of using Twitter for SEO

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  Social media site Twitter was launched in 2006, and since then it has exploded to massive fame, securing a place in modern popular culture, and becoming a key component in online businesses worldwide. And while we’ve often talked about the great benefits we can reap when we combine search engine optimization with social media,…

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Jumpstarting your Twitter engagements for SEO

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To fully maximize your Web site’s search engine optimization strategies, leveraging on the social Web needs to be integrated. Here, the ensuing marriage between SEO and social media needs to be stable, seamless, and organic. And Twitter, among the plethora of social media services, offers a lot of benefits for Web sites to thrive online.

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Optimizing your Twitter social profile for SEO

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  As the Web continues to develop around the social graph, sites have come to integrate the social Web and its plethora of engagement-driven platforms into their search engine optimization (SEO) tactics. And among the most utilized social media marketing tools these days is Twitter, offering a powerful platform for brands to distribute links, content,…

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