Boost Keyword Research with Social Media

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In many ways, social media serves as an indispensable tool for SEO campaigns by allowing marketers to leverage on social shares to increase online visibility, as well as build credibility and authority especially for those with a Google+ account. At the same time, it’s also a vital resource for learning more about a company’s niche and target audience, which, in turn, can prove useful for keyword research.

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3 Doable SEO Tips for Your Blog

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The worst thing would be to have all your articles lined up in an endless scroll. Not only will affect your load times, but it’s not very practical to expect a user to go sifting through this way.

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Three SEO Tips for 2014

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In a few days, 2013 will be over. It was an exciting year with several landmark search engine algorithm updates that changed the way SEO worked. Having risen to these and many other challenges, we have arrived at the threshold of another year. Will there be new earthshaking updates in 2014? Undoubtedly. But these three tips learned from 2013 will help any SEO practitioner overcome them.

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The Fruitlessness of Chasing Algorithms

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Every Internet marketer dreams of achieving the number one spot in Google search or maintaining constant exposure in Facebook’s News Feed. To achieve this goal, many attempt to game the system. They overanalyze the ranking algorithms and exploit its weakness. While this can lead to short-term gains, algorithm chasing doesn’t work in the long run.

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Claim Bing Authorship with Klout-Verified Snapshots

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If claiming ownership of your blog and other published articles in Google isn’t enough, then you might want to also do the same thing with Bing. The Microsoft search engine announced on October 11th that it’s been working with Klout to bring a similar ownership function as Google. This function is called Snapshots.

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