Improve Your Online Rep with SEO

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It’s no secret that consumers today consult the Internet before making a purchase or choosing a service, and if your brand is surrounded by a lot of negative publicity online, you could very well lose business. Of course, the best way to avoid negative PR in the first place is to make sure that you’re delivering only the best to your customers. Unfortunately, it’s never easy to please everyone, which is why it’s also important for you to take charge of your online reputation so it stays positive on search engine results.

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3 Reasons Why Blogging Remains Relevant vs. Social Networking

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About a decade ago or so, blogging was primarily the way people connected to one another in the digital world. It has largely been replaced by social networking in the recent years, with many businesses both big and small now embracing the trend. And it comes as no surprise: platforms such as Facebook and Twitter offer incredible reach at much lower cost compared with traditional media. But even with social networks around, blogging still has much to offer for businesses online:

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How StumbleUpon Can Boost Your SEO Efforts

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Social media has been touted as one of the most effective tools for driving traffic to websites, but of the many popular social sites we have today, StumbleUpon offers a unique way of bolstering your SEO efforts and getting your website discovered.

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How to Incorporate SEO in Visual Marketing

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In the world of social media, images and videos no longer serve as mere accessories to written content. Today, about a billion photos are uploaded and shared with little or no accompanying text. This poses a new challenge for SEO, which has long relied on the written word. With visual content dominating the digital landscape, marketers must change the way they practice SEO in order to leverage the power of images while still incorporating keywords to improve online brand presence.

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Boost Keyword Research with Social Media

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In many ways, social media serves as an indispensable tool for SEO campaigns by allowing marketers to leverage on social shares to increase online visibility, as well as build credibility and authority especially for those with a Google+ account. At the same time, it’s also a vital resource for learning more about a company’s niche and target audience, which, in turn, can prove useful for keyword research.

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