How to Prevent Your Site from Getting Slammed and Penalized

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While Google’s recent mobile-friendliness algorithm update seems to have rattled most site owners, the Doorway Page Update hasn’t been getting a lot of news. To refresh your memory, the search engine announced that it would be releasing a “ranking adjustment” for doorway pages last March, noting that the update would have a significant impact on sites that utilize doorway campaigns.

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Key SEO Insights from Google’s Recent Mobilegeddon Update

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Nearly two weeks since the launch of ‘Mobilegeddon’, it’s fair to say that Google’s major search algorithm update was less impactful than most people expected. But while the mobile-friendly update may be complete, the re-indexing of websites that are due to be penalized is not.

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Internal Linking 101: Basic Tips to Get Your Most Important Pages to Rank

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Creating readable and authoritative content isn’t all there is to winning the SEO game today. On-page elements, such as the internal link structure of a web page, also play a key role in boosting rankings, and a solid grasp of these elements can strengthen your website and improve your SEO efforts.

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Link Building Tips for Local SEO

SEOP Blog Team @ April 13, 2015 # One Comment

Thanks to the growing number of mobile users accessing the Internet with local intent, opportunities abound for businesses aiming to gain a better foothold in more localized markets. To reach local audiences, however, a few things must be accomplished first: The more obvious ones include making localized web pages and getting the business listed in top local directories. A less obvious one is local link building, which, when done properly, can help boost rankings and increase visibility in localized searches.

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An SEO Dummy’s Guide to Improved Search Rankings

SEOP Blog Team @ April 6, 2015 # One Comment

Not everyone completely understands SEO, and that’s fine. Many website owners are understandably more interested in performing critical tasks relevant to their business; and while most would want increased site traffic and conversions, the specifics of how to achieve them is often a mystery. For SEO dummies or website owners who are indifferent to the concept, here are easy-to-understand, palatable strategies for improving your search rankings.

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