SEO for Startups: How to Do it Right

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Many startups continue to undervalue the influence of Google. It’s not just a cool tech company anymore; it’s now part of the global economic landscape. While many marketers are caught in the hype of social media, the fact is that online searches are what drives majority of purchases. They fail to realize that demand is created in social media, but captured via SEO and their website.

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How User Behavior May Impact Local SEO

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Given how the Panda and Penguin updates have greatly affected search engine rankings, it’s not surprising that most of us in SEO often optimize with Google’s algorithm in mind. But what if our obsession with these algorithm changes is making us forget a key factor in search engine rankings, namely the user?

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How Thinking like a Publisher Benefits SEO

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SEO has long been a marketer’s job, but with the way companies today are producing content on a regular basis, it has become quite similar to what a publisher does. The difference mainly lies on the mindset. Whereas SEO is primarily about generating traffic and ranking highly in search engines, publishers aim for readership. And to build a loyal following, the quality of writing is of utmost importance.

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Combining SEO and Conversion Optimization Strategies

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SEO is an ever-changing strategy that has lost its focus in its attempt to simply generate traffic through higher rankings on the search engines over the years. While higher rankings and increased traffic are undoubtedly still important, it’s also critical for webpage owners to not lose perspective with regards to the final and most important goal of their SEO efforts—conversion.

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How Health Websites Can Adapt to the New Google Knowledge Graph

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With the goal to provide complete and accurate health information online, Google is now rolling out a newly updated Knowledge Graph that now includes medical content, at least for common conditions, such as tonsillitis. The new feature is currently available only in the U.S. and in English, but there are plans to expand to other languages, countries, as well as diseases in the future. All this is good news for anyone hoping to find reliable medical information on the Internet, but what does it have in store for health-based websites?

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