Citing Your Sources: Avoiding Plagiarism Post-Panda

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With the demand to publish content on a weekly or bimonthly basis, bloggers may find it more and more challenging to produce original content. Fortunately, the Internet offers a wealth of info to help us build blog articles, whether for our own websites or for the clients we write for. But as we’ve learned from English Composition class back in high school, anything we borrow should be given appropriate credit. The same is true in the digital world.

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Looking Forward to SEO in 2015

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SEO has always been an ever-changing ballgame, and will remain so even in the coming year. With that said, there are a couple of changes in the last few months that can give us some idea of what 2015 has in store for us so we can start planning ahead and, hopefully, stay on top of search engine rankings.

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Content Cleanup Tips Before the Start of Another Year

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As said in a previous post, along with the adoption of responsive design to cater to an increasing number of mobile users, it might be necessary to do some revisions on your existing content to ensure quality user experience on the mobile version of your website. If you’ve already piled up tons of web content, however, you might also want to take this as an opportunity to take a look at your overall content marketing strategy and do some much needed cleanup.

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Voice Search and Its Impact on SEO

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The introduction of voice search a few years back was like a sci-fi dream come true, yet it wasn’t enough for most Internet users to do away with the keyboard, particularly because of voice input errors that only made the technology more of a nuisance than a convenience. Today, improvements in voice recognition technology, as well as growing widespread usage among mobile users, may very well change the way we run search queries online, and even transform the way we practice SEO in the near future.

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What Blog Content Should Look Like in 2015

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Last week, we talked about improving content delivery though responsive web design. In a timely statement, Google Vice President of Sales in America recently gave us a hint of what’s in store for Google in 2015 when he said that, “Today, we live in a world of engagement. People don’t want to be bludgeoned with broadcasts. They want, and expect, something more sophisticated, more considerate. And they are consuming media everywhere – TV, online, mobile – sometimes simultaneously.”

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