The Rise of the Hybrid Digital Marketing Professional

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The “Mad Men” days when creativity was valued above all else is now far behind; the digital marketing professional of this era has access to a powerful new tool—technology. New technology is disrupting the modern marketing landscape and transforming marketers into hybrids who are part artist and part scientist.

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When Your Poor Online Reputation Affects Your SEO Campaign

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Your online reputation can have significant, far-reaching effects to your search engine rankings. A less-than-stellar online reputation will not only create a negative impression on your audience, but it can also pose serious threats to your SEO campaign, as finding credible link and content partners may become more difficult.

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Breaking Down Common Barriers to Effective SEO Implementation

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Search Engine Optimization has grown into a highly complex and extensive discipline. Over the years, the industry has bred a new, more advanced type of marketer—one who is too technical for traditional marketing but not technical enough to be considered a web developer. Modern SEO specialists should be able to collaborate with other industry experts and strategize, design, write, code, and develop various ways to enhance user experience on top of accomplishing disparate disciplinary goals to increase customer acquisition and revenue.

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A Primer on App Indexing and its Future Implications to SEO

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If you were around 20 years ago and could remember how people used the Internet then, you’d know that there were only two ways to search for a website: you could either type the URL directly into your browser or use a human-organized directory like Yahoo!, which arranged websites according to different categories.

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Preserving Your SEO Strategy During a Website Migration

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Whether you’ve decided to update or launch a new website after acquiring a new domain, you need to plan ahead to avoid potentially devastating SEO problems later on. When executed improperly, website migrations can dissolve your digital footprint and even affect sales and profits, especially those driven from search.

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