Extend Your Global Reach by Navigating the Challenges of Multilingual SEO

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For businesses looking to expand to new regions, using different languages to promote their products and services can provide several benefits. Aside from extending your global reach, you can also boost online traffic and increase revenue through multilingual SEO.

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Improve Site Navigation with an Accessible and Responsive Mega Menu

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As website owners and SEO professionals understand the importance of “mobilized” website design, it’s interesting to determine how navigational and site architecture strategies for large, e-commerce websites can fully maximize SEO performance. Mega menus are big, two-dimensional drop-down panels that use typography, icons, and tool tips to explain users’ choices. They eliminate scrolling, show more options neatly, and help users navigate websites more efficiently.

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Improve Your Online Rep with SEO

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It’s no secret that consumers today consult the Internet before making a purchase or choosing a service, and if your brand is surrounded by a lot of negative publicity online, you could very well lose business. Of course, the best way to avoid negative PR in the first place is to make sure that you’re delivering only the best to your customers. Unfortunately, it’s never easy to please everyone, which is why it’s also important for you to take charge of your online reputation so it stays positive on search engine results.

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Web Semantics: Using Metadata that Search Engines Understand

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One of the most important, basic elements of search engine optimization, metadata is simply a series of micro-communications between your website and search engines. It can do impressive things for SEO, especially for e-commerce sites, allowing you to not only promote your website across search engines and increase your conversion rate, but also remove duplicate content and improve your pages’ overall user-friendliness.

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Leveraging Structured Data: Dos and Don’ts to Stay in Google’s Favor

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As Google puts more emphasis on direct answers to improve search results and user experience, affected businesses and websites can take advantage of the opportunity to appear on the search engine giant’s Quick Answer Box by leveraging structured data markup.

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