SEO Techniques to Boost Mobile App Visibility and Downloads

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When talking about search optimization for mobile apps, most people look to App Store Optimization or ASO. However, it’s also possible to use SEO to boost mobile app visibility and downloads, which is all the more important these days, given the saturation of mobile apps streaming into the market. Here are some strategies that’ll help you ensure that your app doesn’t fade into oblivion.

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Getting your Business Noticed with a SoLoMo Marketing Strategy

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As smartphones and social networks become more of the norm for people, it’s also become important for businesses to get with the times and adapt new ways of marketing. One such strategy made to target those who’ve adapted to a digital way of life is “SoLoMo”. Not only would this help appeal to the new breed of consumer in the digital age, but it could also help in the long-run by enriching your SEO efforts.

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Tools to Help You with Mobile Keyword Research

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In a previous article, we discussed the importance of creating an SEO strategy to target mobile or tablet users. Part of the strategy is taking a new approach to keyword research. This is important since your audience may use a different set of words or phrases when they run a search on their mobile device compared with what they normally use on the desktop. The research would then help target those keywords to make your mobile website visible to your potential clients.

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SEO Trends to Look Out for in the New Year

SEOP Blog Team @ December 28, 2012 # 2 Comments

Another year is slowly coming to a close. With this said, it’s time to look forward to new developments we can expect from the New Year. In the field of search engine optimization, there are two rising stars worth noting that will clearly reshape the landscape of SERPs.

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Yahoo unveils Axis, ups search experience

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For years, a whole lot of us have crossed over and become loyal users of Chrome and its array of features, and good user experience. This week, Yahoo joins Google in the browser arena with Yahoo Axis, a product the company promises will be a game changer as it offers a completely new way to…

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