The Benefits of Claiming Authorship

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As you might have already read, claiming authorship on Google and Bing can help give your content a boost on search engine results pages. But is that all it provides? A quick look at results featuring articles with a clear byline reveals a number of perks to declaring your authorship to articles.

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Claim Bing Authorship with Klout-Verified Snapshots

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If claiming ownership of your blog and other published articles in Google isn’t enough, then you might want to also do the same thing with Bing. The Microsoft search engine announced on October 11th that it’s been working with Klout to bring a similar ownership function as Google. This function is called Snapshots.

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Keeping up with the Changing Bing Search Engine Results Page

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With all the focus on Google, especially with the Penguin 2.0 update, the quiet changes in Bing’s SERPs can be easily overlooked. But doing so would be a mistake in your SEO strategy. Bing has been growing, slowly but steadily. In the United States, almost 27% of organic search results were powered by Bing.

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Facebook Interaction: Another Reason to Improve SEO for Bing

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Bing has deepened its ties with Facebook by allowing interaction with posts and comments made in the social networking giant’s site right from the SERPs. This new feature allows searchers to interact with friends and experts who are talking about your business without leaving the search pages, making way for better brand exposure.

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Making Your Citations Work for Your Site

SEOP Blog Team @ January 9, 2013 # One Comment

Having citations to verify information about your business is all part of establishing your active presence and authority in the market. It isn’t enough to have a page online for your business, though. Incorrect or even conflicting data can easily work against you. To ensure that each citation helps your SEO efforts, consider these actions to take if you haven’t done so already.

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