Avoiding Penalties by Reevaluating Your Link Building Efforts

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Link building through guest blogging and other methods have always been one of the more reliable ways of upping a site’s page ranking. However, recent changes (and public penalizations) are making everyone think otherwise.

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Raising the SERP Ranking of Older Webpages

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Raising the ranks of older pages is difficult because they aren’t getting any new publicity or attention. Fortunately, it is still possible with the help of a few effective SEO strategies.

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Improve User Experience by Creating More Effective Anchor Texts

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Anchor texts can contribute to your website’s user experience and encourage visitors to learn more about what your business is offering. To get optimal results, however, it’s important to know and apply the basics first.

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Managing your Links: Best Practices in the Post-Penguin Age

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Content will always be king when it comes to optimizing a site for search engines. But no matter how well-made your content is, bad links can easily pull down your ranking and make it harder for your site to establish its dominance again. In light of the way Google Penguin has changed the landscape for SEO, webmasters need to follow a new set of best practices for linking.

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Earning your Links to Gain a Strong Rank

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Link building is no doubt a very important part of maintaining your site’s rank in SERPs. But as Google’s algorithms continue to evolve in a way that tries to favor naturally influential sites, there is now a need to get backlinks that matter. Instead of building the links, the trend now is to earn them.

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