How to Be Found by Users through Google

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Google is able to identify the branch locator or Contact Us page on your website and use it to come up with search results regarding how to contact or find you.

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Avoiding Penalties by Reevaluating Your Link Building Efforts

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Link building through guest blogging and other methods have always been one of the more reliable ways of upping a site’s page ranking. However, recent changes (and public penalizations) are making everyone think otherwise.

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FAQs on Bounce Rate

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  Last week we brushed on the topic of bounce rate and hinted at its importance. To recap, this represents the percentage of users that do not explore further into your page after seeing a single page of it. However, many people seem to misunderstand the meaning of bounce, which can lead to poor critical…

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If Content is the King, Design is the Bouncer

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  Consider this. Before even reading a word of content that you’ve worked so hard to produce, the quality of the design  of your website acts like a filter allowing only some people to get past the front door, kind of like bouncer at a night club. Incidentally, Google has a metric for that. Bounce…

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Five Concrete Steps to Follow When Your Site has Been Compromised

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Malware can strike at any time, and affect traffic to your site. We can try to be prepared, but what can we do when we’ve already been hit?

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