Key SEO Insights from Google’s Recent Mobilegeddon Update

SEOP Blog Team @ May 4, 2015 # No Comment Yet

Nearly two weeks since the launch of ‘Mobilegeddon’, it’s fair to say that Google’s major search algorithm update was less impactful than most people expected. But while the mobile-friendly update may be complete, the re-indexing of websites that are due to be penalized is not.

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Ready for Google’s Mobile-Friendliness Update? Some Tips to Prepare

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Still haven’t started with your mobile SEO? Don’t delay. Google has long been telling webmasters to start adapting to the mobile world, but it’s only now that a definite deadline exists: By April 21, mobile-friendliness will become a ranking signal.

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SEO for Startups: How to Do it Right

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Many startups continue to undervalue the influence of Google. It’s not just a cool tech company anymore; it’s now part of the global economic landscape. While many marketers are caught in the hype of social media, the fact is that online searches are what drives majority of purchases. They fail to realize that demand is created in social media, but captured via SEO and their website.

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How Health Websites Can Adapt to the New Google Knowledge Graph

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With the goal to provide complete and accurate health information online, Google is now rolling out a newly updated Knowledge Graph that now includes medical content, at least for common conditions, such as tonsillitis. The new feature is currently available only in the U.S. and in English, but there are plans to expand to other languages, countries, as well as diseases in the future. All this is good news for anyone hoping to find reliable medical information on the Internet, but what does it have in store for health-based websites?

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Keyword Resolutions for the New Year

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The recent years saw the gradual decline in the relevance of keywords as Google remains steadfast in its goal to deliver meaningful results based on the user’s context and intent. Not to mention the continuous improvements of voice recognition technology as well as the growing widespread usage of voice search on mobile, where natural language is favored over keywords. Now more than ever, digital marketers must reevaluate their keyword optimization strategies if they hope to keep up with the times.

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