Preparing Your Site for Optimization: The Technical Site Audit

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After finishing an on-page SEO website audit and identifying problems with page content, it’s time for a technical SEO website audit. Technical issues can prevent or deter search engines from crawling and indexing a website. They waste optimized content as well as business opportunities. Fixing technical mistakes found these notable website elements can help Google and other search engines accurately rank a website.

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Creating your own URL shortener? Here are a few tips!

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URL shortening services like, and TinyURL are perhaps the most used social media API-powered tools today. You’ll practically see their URL by-products everywhere online; spreading on microblogging services, plastered on blogs and message boards, and incorporated in content sharing platforms. But far from being the social media lackey, URL shorteners can also be…

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Bing Autosuggest Feature Now Includes Search History

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Bing has tweaked its search Autosuggest feature to also integrate query history in its bid to let its users complete search tasks more efficiently, according to a recent post on the Bing Search Blog. With this feature in place, Bing analyzes your search history and will now include the search terms you’ve used in the…

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Dangers of using Dynamic URLs

admin @ March 5, 2008 # No Comment Yet

While content management systems have made it simple to add new products to your ecommerce store, they create such long and complicated URLs for each product that search engines sometimes have trouble spidering them. For example, if you are on a Linux server, your product URLs might look like this: If you are on…

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