Annoying site components you should steer clear of

May 16, 2012 by SEOP Blog Team

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Content marketing, link building, keywords, and meta descriptions are among the most common things that come to mind when talking about search engine marketing. But because SEO’s ultimate goal is to increase a site’s rankings online, social media marketing, site usability, and Web design have also been receiving much focus these days. These are great elements that can help strengthen SEO campaigns by expanding a brand’s mileage among existing and potential new site visitors.

The objective here is to attract people into your Web site, and keep them there long enough to consume your content, find out what else you offer, and recommend you to their contacts. When done effectively, you gain to boost your site’s traffic, improve customer satisfaction and your brand’s reputation online, and even increase sales via repeat visits and driving new site visitors.

Aside from producing engrossing content, you’ll also need to be mindful of your on-site components. Things like the overall site design, multimedia elements you post, and navigation need to be structured specifically for usability. Disregard these and your visitors will have a hard time paying attention to your goods, and may leave as soon as they arrive. Here are some of the annoying components you can possibly slap onto your Web site.

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Sluggish Loading Speed
When a person decides to click on a link to your site, it would only be natural for them to expect to find what is promised of them. Yes, a link that promises to direct you to the services of the best dental surgeons in the West Coast should do exactly that. But if it takes a looooong time to load pages, content, and images, people just might prefer to head somewhere else before they even get a glimpse of your site.

Whether the problem is on the Web host’s side, on your own servers, or the site is just carrying huge files on-page, it’ll be for the best to remedy this immediately.
Autoplaying Audios and Videos
We have no idea why this even sounds like a good idea, but there are people who still put videos and audios on their site’s landing page that autoplay upon pageload. It would’ve been forgivable if this had been on some teenybopper’s personal blog in the ’90s, but frowned upon if it’s on a brand or company’s Web site. They contribute to slow page loads, and can lead people to question your brand’s professionalism. Instead, include a player on-site so users will have the option to play, pause, or scroll through your multimedia content as they wish.
Ads, ads, ADS!
Yes, you need to pay the bills and putting up ads on-site can help, but hopefully you won’t get into severely aggressive advertising that can potentially compromise your Web site’s content and overall goal. Not only are these ads visually distracting and can break any aesthetic harmony you have going, but they also eat up on-page real estate that could’ve been otherwise delegated to actually valuable components like content.
Terrible Navigation
Even if you have the best content and product offers, it’ll be hard to like and recommend a site if people find it difficult to work their way around it, and find what they need. You could be losing site traffic, potential sales, and other opportunities because of broken links, malfunctioning dropdown menus, or missing pages. Navigation should be planned, carefully mapped out, and tested multiple times before launching a site, to make sure that all of its components are working properly.
Questionable Content
There are quite a few SEO-related things that can elicit equal amounts of annoyance, and condescending chuckles than substandard content. After all, instead of investing time and resources in delivering valuable pieces for the targeted demographic, some site owners just throw words together just to get Google to index their sites. This includes sites that market their products too much that their content end up sound like sales pitches, those who inject way too much keywords and phrases into their content that it becomes hard to read, and unedited work littered with grammatical errors.



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