SEO Techniques to Boost Mobile App Visibility and Downloads

July 6, 2015 by SEOP Blog Team

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When talking about search optimization for mobile apps, most people look to App Store Optimization or ASO. However, it’s also possible to use SEO to boost mobile app visibility and downloads, which is all the more important these days, given the saturation of mobile apps streaming into the market. Here are some strategies that’ll help you ensure that your app doesn’t fade into oblivion.

Three Alternative Content Types to Help Drive Web Traffic

June 29, 2015 by SEOP Blog Team

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Driving web traffic and increasing site visibility through content marketing entails more than just blogging—way much more. Once you’ve established your content strategy and started seeing positive results, you need to throw in new types of content to keep things fresh, get new, targeted visitors and higher conversation rates, and implement better SEO.

3 Myths and Misconceptions About Duplicate Content

June 22, 2015 by SEOP Blog Team

Kate Ter Haar

  It doesn’t take a fifth-grader with a Geography paper due on Friday to realize that you can easily take a few paragraphs off of and pass it off as your own. But if teachers have access to software that lets them easily check their students’ work for plagiarism, you can bet that Google…

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Breaking Down Common Barriers to Effective SEO Implementation

June 15, 2015 by SEOP Blog Team

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Search Engine Optimization has grown into a highly complex and extensive discipline. Over the years, the industry has bred a new, more advanced type of marketer—one who is too technical for traditional marketing but not technical enough to be considered a web developer. Modern SEO specialists should be able to collaborate with other industry experts and strategize, design, write, code, and develop various ways to enhance user experience on top of accomplishing disparate disciplinary goals to increase customer acquisition and revenue.

A Primer on App Indexing and its Future Implications to SEO

June 8, 2015 by SEOP Blog Team

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If you were around 20 years ago and could remember how people used the Internet then, you’d know that there were only two ways to search for a website: you could either type the URL directly into your browser or use a human-organized directory like Yahoo!, which arranged websites according to different categories.